Well its been a while since my last post and this one is about a missed opportunity I had this weekend at the start of the Premier League 2013/14.

The story goes like this, I wake up on Saturday morning excited by the prospect of the new Premier League football season starting, So I pop down to the shops to buy a paper to get the latest team news and the into the bookies to pick up my betting slip for the days games. 

I settle down at home with Sky Sports Soccer Saturday on the TV for the build up for the upcoming games while also reading the paper to help me select my accumulator for the weekend.  After watching the build up and perusing the sports pages in the paper I decide on my picks for my bet and fill in my accumulator betting slip. For those that were interested I picked the following teams to win over the weekend, Manchester United, Manchester City, Chelsea, Tottenham and finally Liverpool. So I went for what I considered the clear favourites and fortunately decided against adding Arsenal in as I don't think they have strengthened their squad yet. 

My betting slip completed its now time to pop out and do the weekly shop with the missus before the games kick off, with my betting slip tucked safely into my back pocket. This is when things start to go wrong! As is normally the way when we go shopping it never goes as quickly as I would hope, don't get me wrong I love spending time with the missus but don't have much patience for wandering around the shops especially when the start of football season is imminent. To cut a long story short I didn't get to the bookies in time to place my bet after getting stuck in traffic on the way back from the shops. 

Not a disaster I thought as probably saved myself a tenner by not placing my bet. This is when sods law kicked in and the results started rolling in, low and behold all of my selections came in. Frustrating to say the least even though it wouldn't have been a life changing amount of money to win but would have paid for the shopping.

The moral of this story is I decided to use some sense and place my bets on-line in future before being dragged around the shops. I already have a betting account but decided to register for a new one for two reasons, one being if I choose I can lay bets off against each other with different bookies and two I may as well take advantage of a sign-up bonus with a new bookie.

Before signing up I did some research and found a site called FreeBetDeposit they had reviews and details of free bets and 2013 promo codes from all the big bookmakers. In the end I decided to go with a name I know in Ladbrokes. Why not take a look at the FreeBetDeposit.com Ladbrokes review and details on the Ladbrokes bet £10 get 30 terms page, The review certainly swayed me and introduced me to some special betting features I didn't even know existed with Ladbrokes plus gave me the THREE10 Ladbrokes promo code I needed to get the £30 free bet.

Now I have my accounts set-up I won't be missing the chance to place my Saturday football as I'll remember to place it from the comfort of my sofa before having to head out knowing I won't need to pop down to the local bookmakers and fill in what can be a convoluted betting slip and queuing up to hand over my cash. Saying that maybe I have already missed my chance for a winning bet this season, Lets hope not! 

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